What is Comprehensive Financial Planning? 

Naturally, we’ll start with your cash flows, investable assets, their asset allocation, and we’ll determine a strategy for managing your money so that you’ll be okay financially for the rest of your life.  But we don’t stop there…


Financial Planning

Investment Management


Our Simple, Transparent Fees

Money Matters.

Our clients pay a 1% maximum annual fee (1/12th of 1% billed monthly in arrears), and the fee is based on the amount of assets in your account.  Accounts over $500,000 pay less.  We now have a minimum annual fee of $2,500 per household, however, we reserve the right to lower or waive this fee minimum.  HOURLY FEE: If you’d prefer, we will also work with you for our hourly fee of $150 per hour billed in quarter hour increments.

No Commissions, Ever

We do NOT charge commissions or other hidden fees. This removes an unhealthy and unavoidable conflict of interests.  There may be transaction fees charged by our custodian (we use Charles Schwab), but we keep no portion of them, therefore we have no incentive to trade your account, plus we work hard to keep custodial fees low.

Full-time Fiduciaries

At PNW Asset Management, we operate as full-time, not part-time, fiduciaries. That means we have a defined LEGAL obligation to always put your interest 1st. By the way, would you fire your adviser if you knew he/she were NOT required to always put your interests 1st?

Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers 

You work directly with us - real people with real phone numbers

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