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Take the straightest path to long-term wealth.

In money management, the tortoise does beat the hare. The surest method to fund your passions and purpose will be simple, low-cost, transparent, and disciplined.

Our Service

Our service ranges from comprehensive financial planning through investment management including estate planning review, insurance review, and more.  All services are fee-only, ensuring you get advice that is in your best interest.

We start with Comprehensive Financial Planning

Cash flow analysis, allocation of investable assets, and strategies for lifetime income all start with understanding you, your needs, your hopes and values, but we don’t stop there…

We apply science to Managing Your Investments

Through disciplined and research-based methodologies, we help you attain reasonable returns at reasonable risk, designed to meet your financial goals now and in the future.


Financial Planning

Investment Management


Fees and Fiduciary Responsibility

Our Simple, Transparent Fees

Our clients pay a maximum of 1% annual fee, based on the amount of assets in your account, with a minimum annual fee of $2,500 per household. We also work on an hourly fee of $150/hour, for those who want financial consulting only.

No Commissions, Ever

We do NOT earn nor charge commissions, we are fee-only. This removes unhealthy and unavoidable conflicts of interest.  Our custodian (Charles Schwab) may charge transaction fees, but we keep no portion of them, and have no incentive to trade or churn your account.

Full-time Fiduciaries

At PNW Asset Management, we operate as full-time fiduciaries. That means we have a defined LEGAL obligation to always put your interest first.  Think Wall Street brokers have to follow this standard?  Think again.

Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers 

You work directly with us - real people with real phone numbers

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