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The Best Kept Secret on Wall Street: Learn why the Wall Street emperors have no clothes!

The Best Kept Secret on Wall Street is a level-the-playing-field book. It’s not another how-to-invest book. You'll learn information about the financial services industry that Wall Street would prefer you not have! You'll also learn about counterintuitive wealth creation, seven principles of successful investing, deceptive practices, traps doors and how to avoid them, and much more. Hopefully after reading this book, you’ll be unwilling to pay more to get less from Wall Street. The Secret will reveal the Wall Street emperors have no clothes!

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Is Time Really an Investor’s Ally?

Is Time Really an Investor’s Ally? We’ve all heard it. Some of the most famous financial minds in history have declared it. When it comes...

Summer 2018 Thoughts

Pacific Northwest Asset Management, LLC Summer 2018 Thoughts – Invest in Wealth As we approach year 10 of this economic recovery and...

“Nobody knows nothing.”

“Nobody knows nothing.”  Theses are the words that Vanguard founder, Jack Bogle, heard from a financial services industry veteran when...

Counterintuitive Wealth Creation

This morning, I saw a financial services industry TV ad that I’ve seen multiple times. The Invesco ad presents this question to...

Morningstar Research on Fees

According to Morningstar’s research, “Expense ratios are strong predictors of performance. In every asset class over every time period,...

IRA Contributions

Don’t participate in a 401k @ work? Consider contributions to an IRA. $5,500 max unless you’re >= 50 yrs old.

Misleading Info?

On December 7th, 2014, KTTH radio (770 on the AM dial) in Seattle broadcast a show called Absolute Return Radio with Brian Decker and Jim...

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