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Presidential Election & Your Portfolio

We thought you might find the above chart interesting. It shows that as long as investors have a long-term horizon, matters not who or what party occupies the White House. The stock market continues to advance when one considers time frames of about 15 years or more. Yes, there are periods of contraction, some of which are severe. But over the long run, the U.S. stock market is agnostic with respect to who or what political party is in the executive branch of our federal government. Politics aside, the stock market’s growth reflects the long-term growth of the U.S. economy it represents. So when it comes to the performance of your investment portfolio, don’t be overly concerned about who wins in November. Your portfolio should continue to grow provided you have a long-term horizon.

Stuart McGehee and Michael Bowers, CFA, CPA 206.259.0575

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