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First, we listen.

We want to know your passions, your purpose, your connections.

Then we go to work.

Once we hear what's important to you, we'll tailor our strategies around your foundational priorities.    We start with a financial plan, and your plan dictates your portfolio.  We'll then work to make sure you understand your plan and have faith it will deliver the wealth needed to fund your passions and purpose during your lifetime and beyond.


What makes us unique?

We work for you.

Our industry is a battlefield between a sales culture versus a dedication to service and good advice. We choose service over sales. Ultimately, that’s what it means to be your fiduciary advisors.

We have a system

Our approach is simple, low cost, transparent, and disciplined.  50 years of academic research indicates a long-term investment portfolio with a bias towards small cap and value stocks and stocks of profitable companies is the surest path to wealth in the long run.

Fee-only. Never commissions or markups.

Commissions inject an unhealthy and unavoidable conflict of interests.  That's why we NEVER earn or charge commissions.   

We're planners.

Comprehensive financial planning is as valuable as the investment management. Your plan determines how we structure your portfolio.  Planning is where we provide our good and valuable advice. Comprehensive planning makes our service ideal for millionaires.

Check it out!

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The Best Kept Secret on Wall Street is a level-the-playing-field book. It’s not another how-to-invest book. You'll learn information about the financial services industry that Wall Street would prefer you not have! You'll also learn about counterintuitive wealth creation, seven principles of successful investing, deceptive practices, traps doors and how to avoid them, and much more. Hopefully after reading this book, you’ll be unwilling to pay more to get less from Wall Street. The Secret will reveal the Wall Street emperors have no clothes!

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Our job and art form is the building and protection of your financial security.

Request a free meeting, call, or Zoom session today to explore how we can help you build and protect your family's financial security for your lifetime and beyond.

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